Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jn- The wind up

Hello all you fine ladies and gentlemen. I am back. More or less. I was also never super gone. But a summer might have happened in there somewhere.

I am gearing up for another round of Whole30. This summer has been OK diet wise but I know I need to be doing a few things differently. I've been eating things I know make me sick because that was easier than explaining myself to people. But I have been doing it a little too often and I am starting to hurt all over again. It's been so much worse but it has also been much better. I would probably just tweak a little here and there but a handful of wonderful women I happen to know are interested in trying out the whole Whole30 thing. So I will join them in earnest.

LT is not going hard core Whole 30 with us but she is going to eat cleaner than she has been along side of us. Which...she and I both fall within the looser bounds of a paleo diet so she already eats pretty clean. I think she is completely uninterested in scanning every label for a hint of sugar. She also tolerates some foods better than me and she is WAY better at eating clean when she is with family. Her momma makes her GF pancakes and muffins and gets her veggie chips. I go out and get fried fish sandwiches with my dad and we eat chocolate covered Oreos for dessert.

Monday night at least a few of us are going pantry stocking shopping and we will start on Tuesday. A week from today if you are looking at a calendar and the day after the long weekend. I am going to bow out early at the end of the month because I am going to a wedding and proceeding to the other side of the country and perfection will be hard.

Last time around I went no caffeine. Not going to do that this go round. I am considering no caffeine after 1pm (which I am loosely doing) and no caffeinated coffee. Right now I will still slip in green tea if I make a mug right around 1 but otherwise no-caf and I only drink coffee on weekends.  The last couple of times I have had coffee though I have felt horrendous- crazy overkill jitters and heart flutters and blech. So...that needs to be addressed. That is a problem. My addiction is to making and drinking hot beverages though and as far as addictions go I am not in a hurry to bump this one because it is fairly benign. Caffeine happens to get in the way and cause it's own problems. That I will moderate.

On the other hand I do want a serious challenge. Something hard to fight through and to be held accountable for. This time it is going to be working out. How many times did no workout: unplanned pop up last time around. Too many times. And I am such a baby about it that a hangnail will keep me from getting off my butt and lifting a weight. So...here comes change.

I imagine you will hear from me again Tuesday.

Names to watch for upcoming: The LT (again), LE, SM, SO' and Indiana. Unless I get more creative.