Thursday, March 29, 2012

Founding Conversations

Tagline: In which we try to match bugdet and business with what know we want to be eating...

We can plop in recipes, stuff reviews etc. and maybe if we go into this with the idea that we are doing it jointly we will be able to space out once in a while and not fee guilty. Instead of full meals, snacks we like, ways I come up with a paleo "dinner" when I am out with friends and running from place to place...confessions of binging on ice cream. 

With entries like:

I spent my morning making food for my future week and by lunchtime had no motivation for now-food. My impromptu meal: An Elk sausage slathered with mustard and a baked potato covered in frozen broccoli and some Parmesan cheese because I felt daring. I made everything in the microwave and doubled it so that when the same lack of motivation comes up tomorrow I won't binge on rice chips (which I may have also done today). Quick and passable but not exactly company worthy.  


I like the idea…let’s talk more after Christmas.

I’m going through and sorting old emails in a slow moment at work (spring break) and I found this.  We should do this really and soon.  Writing about my food may keep me honest and more likely to conform to what my body wants rather than what my hormones want.  For instance: right now, I want a huge pile of carbonara pasta, gooey warm bread with butter and a huge chocolate cannolli with a cappucino.  Knowing that I was going to have to write about it later, I would be more likely to eat what was on the planned menu: Salmon with asparagus, Oranges and Salad and an herbal tea.

Ok. Toss this back on the top of your to-do list. Here's why. 

I am going to do the Whole30 plan for the for real 30 days starting April 2. I am embarking on this journey because I need to revamp (1) and friends who live here want to do something very different with their diets and they are interested in this (2). At any rate it seems like a good place for me to keep myself accountable and to help people figure out what we can and cannot eat and why. Plus all of the other good reasons to do this from before. And I miss you and this will give us a reason to talk at each other if not to each other. 

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