Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 32 - Jn

Someone you know might not have slept.


So one day bleeds into another and things get a little fuzzy. Then they get a lot fuzzy. But I got everything done and survived being awake for 36 hours with no major incidents.

Middle of the night things at various times- 50/50 juice, Gunpowder green tea, pistachios, coconut flakes, dried apple rings, apple sauce, grapes

No workout - Planned
Breakfast- LO Shepherds Pie, water, very strong and very dark decaf coffee (I could not conceive of eating eggs)
Lunch- LO Shepherds Pie, 50/50 juice
Dinner- LO Shepherds Pie, 50/50 veggie juice
More food- Chocolate cake with strawberries during class.

At some point during the day I also had some grapes. And the coffee....I nursed 2 cups of very strong coffee slowly throughout the course of the day and I stopped drinking it around 3ish. When I got to the last half of the last cup I topped it off with coconut milk too.

I would very much like to be done eating Shepherds Pie for at least 5 reasons. Tomorrow.

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