Wednesday, May 2, 2012

30 Day Recap

The results are in. I lost 2 lbs. I know this isn't perfectly true because I weighed myself somewhere in the middle and I'd lost 5lbs and I know for a fact that I can swing 5lbs in a single day sooo I am going to say I am the same weight. Which is fine because I'm a healthy weight anyway. What I wanted to change was my body composition. When I compare before and after pics I think I look bigger now than before. But I know full well that I can do more and I have more stamina than at the beginning. And the issues with my hips popping out of place are calming down as I am strengthening the neglected core muscles that hold my joints in place. That's huge for me.

What else has changed/improved/calmed down. most of that list of maladies I posted here. The crazy depression, the mood swings and persistent crankiness, the ringing in my ears, the sugar spikes and crashes, the inability to feel full (now I know I am full and keep eating- this is still not good but very different.)- all of these things are gone. I know what I am craving and I may or may not give in to it depending on the type of craving. (Blueberries on a spinach salad- good idea, corn chips and salsa- bad idea). Sleep is better- still not great but better. My insides are much happier, the pain and bloating and other related unpleasantness is gone (Except when I eat something like 1 lb of kale and 3lbs of Brussle sprouts and some broccoli in a week. Oops). The generic pain all over and acute pain in my knees was gone in a week.

Have I mentioned that the unreasonable and scary depression is gone? That took 2 weeks. And I turned that corner when there was a blizzard outside so it certainly wasn't the return of the sun that did it. That alone is enough reason for me to pay attention to what I put in my body.

Going forward I will stick as close to this diet as I can. And if I put things back in and start feeling sick again I will have no problems going back to this to hit the reset button. I told the LT that I need to stop pretending that soy is ok for me. It really isn't. It really does make me sick. If I tell people otherwise I am lying. Potatoes and rice will come back in I'm sure in part because it makes it easier for other people to feed me. I might finally be over my love affair with corn of all types. I miss corn/rice chips with salsa but I would pick rice chips over corn any day. I stopped liking bread ages ago and I really don't miss other grains at all. Same for beans. And for dairy I really only crave cheese on burgers or pizza. (Pizza. In 3 weeks I will eat way too much Mexican pizza from 2nd Avenue Pizza in Sandpoint ID. It will make me very sick. It will be worth every bite. I know this from experience. And I won't have pizza again until I do the same thing in October.) The more I think about milk the grosser it seems. Sugar will go back in but not nearly as much in things I make for myself...and I didn't use that much anyway. More like I won't avoid brown sugar in Bacon and maple syrup in sausage because it's very hard to find it otherwise. I am going to add caffeine back in but I am waiting until the finals crunch to brew a cup of coffee. But tea...Ima drink what ever kind of tea I want and no one can stop me! I'm such a rebel with my Earl Grey. (Please note that the only Earl Grey I own right now is decaf.)

I intend to keep working out because I feel better when I do and I sleep better. I would love to find something else to do as well. Like something where I am getting exercise disguised as fun AND meeting people. Roller Derby is my first choice (yes seriously)...but I need health insurance first. There are lots of other interesting things I could do, I just have to pick one. (Krav Maga? Rock Climbing? Kickball?)

I still need to work on the sleep part of life. Part of it is just the discipline of going to bed at a regular time every night. You would think that would be easy. Not sure what else I can tweak but I am working on it.

I will keep posting regularly until I don't any more. The chances of me keeping this up while I am in Idaho are slim. That is also going to be where the desire to cheat is easy and the ability to not cheat is hard. But I am already making plans. We will see how it goes.

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