Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 33 - Jn

I know there are reasons why humans don't stay awake for 36 hours and sleep for 12 but MAN do I feel amazing this morning. Actually I fell asleep in the process of trying to set my alarm but I woke up when I wanted to 11 hours or so later. And I felt like I could wrestle a bear...and win! Then I pulled a muscle working out. Lame.

I was supposed to be eating new food for the next few days but the blended together yesterdays screwed me up. So I started pulling frozenable leftovers out. Lest you think this is premature I have 4 finals to complete in the next 2 days (I am writing here to avoid this) so I will actually have more time in 3 days when finals week actually starts AFTER all my finals are due. Hrumph.

Workout- Planned
Breakfast- Huevos Leftoveros, strawberries, 50/50 OJ, some random flavor of black tea that is weak and disinteresting
Lunch- LO shepherds pie (THE END!- Phew)
Dinner- LO Chicken Sweet Potato Brussle sprout skillet yumminess (frozenables!), 50/50 veggie juice, decaf earl grey

One of my roses I ate atop rose petals and felt regal. 

Shepherd's Dog's Food
Why don't I like the shepherds pie? There was a lot of it. It got old fast. And I really don't like lamb. I just don't. And it was actually pretty fatty...because of the lamb. And it lamb. And more than anything else because of the weird lamb taste and smell and I think the inclusion of the peas it reminded me of the homemade dog food that I made for Rent-A-Dog when I was in ID last. Granted my uncle almost ate the dog food because it looked like people food. And we had 3 piles (People, Dog, Garbage) for the meat so what went in to that dog food was still pretty high quality. Probably better quality that the ground beef most people buy actually. But all this week every time I heat up my food I feel like I am eating dog food with added onions (cause dogs shouldn't eat onions). I called it dog food in my head. I will probably make it again but with ground beef or poultry only and without peas. I think it would be worse with ground game. Oh well. 
Dog Food
Not Dog Food

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