Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DAY 30! - Jn

I woke up thinking today was Wednesday. All day I have acted like it is Wednesday. I keep almost telling people I will see them tonight because I will see people on Wednesday. I do't leave the house on Tuesdays so I don't see anyone except for the backs of my roommates as they leave for work. TUESDAY. Say it with me TODAY IS TUESDAY. It's a miracle I didn't skip class accidentally. I also didn't eat what I was supposed to today. Here is what I DID eat.

No Workout- Planned
Breakfast- Egg Casserole, sauteed apples, 50/50 OJ, green rooibos Tea
Snack- pistachios
Lunch- LO Meatza, ginger tea
Snack- Cashews and applesauce
Dinner- Fake Shepherds Pie, ginger tea
More food- LO chocolate cake with strawberries- the LT gave me the idea. I think I like the cake the best when it is cold. Also some Kava stress relief tea

(Have I mentioned that I will forget to eat without a reminder if I am working in my room. I will eat more when I am working in the living room and I will eat WAY MORE if I am working at the dinning room table.)

Rough Recipe: Huevos de leftovers

I mixed the peppers and onions from the extra meatza topping with LO chopped up pork chops from the other night and the LO sauteed mushrooms I still had kicking around with about 6 slices of cut up (uncooked) bacon. I split this mixture between two smaller glass baking dishes. Then I scrambled 18 eggs and dumped them over top. I baked at 350 for who knows how long because I completely forgot about them. The top is toasty brown but thankfully not burnt. This will feed me for at least 11 breakfasts. One of the dishes has a lid so it gets thrown in the freezer for later. It's a nice system.

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