Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 29 - Jn

It was a food prep day. I have gotten in to a late night stay up cycle. Bad Jn. Sleep. Stay! Oh well. I woke up with not enough time to work out and I was later than I wanted to be...but with leftovers in hand from Sunday and an organized shopping list, me and the LT managed to get all the food prepping and eating done with time to sit down with TF and talk about life for half an hour before running off to Hebrews. He is one of the most encouraging people I know so that made the day that much better. I have breakfast for 11 days (some is frozen) and LO food from several meals. The finals crush starts tomorrow bright and early but most of my cooking for the next 2 weeks is DONE! We also took a pair of cake pieces to a pair of differently abled eaters from our family tonight when we went to Hebrews. I love sharing amazing and interesting food with people.

No workout- UNPLANNED :(
Breakfast- soft boiled eggs, ham, sauteed apples, 50/50 OJ and ginger tea
Lunch- Cake (Lt and I each had a piece and that held us until an early's no ordinary dessert.)
Snack- a few strawberries
Dinner- LO venison stew, spinach salad with strawberries and balsamic vinaigrette, some cake crumbs, 50/50 OJ
More food- too many pistachios and cashews and some 50/50 juice

Flowers make every breakfast better. And this is already a fantastic breakfast. 

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