Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 6 - Jn

Was up late so I woke up later than I should have. (But earlier than I could have.) I did a mini workout while TF worked on the house and I have generally spent the whole day noticing that I worked out my legs yesterday with every step I climb. And we have a lot of stairs and I have climbed them more than normal because I've been shuffling things around and getting ready for tomorrow. First meeting of the #6 house church in this house. So much to do. So much more interesting than homework. Oh. Crap. Homework. :(

Workout: mini, planned, less angsty about it than yesterday
Breakfast: last of the chicken and onions scrambled in with a pair of eggs, way watered down OJ, rooibos tea
Lunch: Left over venison roast and carrots, an orange
Snack: Hard boiled egg (got indigestion==weird), cinnamon tea (Supah GROSS)
Dinner: Left over venison roast and carrots, Cranberry hibiscus tea

Neither of this pictures looks appetizing. Some foods don't photograph well.

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