Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 4 - Jn

I slept well! I think! I feel more refreshed than I have for a while anyway. I'm still not acting particularly productive but my mind seems to be more clear. Watched a lot of pre-recorded lectures instead of doing brain intensive homework. But I got work done! And I talked to KC who was all the way in Indianer. She learned lots about eating healthy on her trip so expect a downpour of information coming from her in the next few days.

Also have you figured out that the posts are coming a day after things were eaten? Cause that really makes more sense. And they will come every day until they don't.

Breakfast - Huevos and strawberries again. Watered down OJ and Red tea.
Snack - An Apple
Lunch- Baked Tillapia with lemon and dill, left over rainbow chard, half a sweet potato, Red Chai tea
Snack- small handful of hazelnuts, small handful of almonds
Dinner- Venison Roast and Carrots with really finely chopped onions to flavor the juices (from my deer- I killed it, cleaned it, packaged it, cooked it and ate it. YUM!), also Good Earth Original tea.

"Dessert"- roommate was making something that smelled baked and sugary and wonderful so I felt sorry for myself and went on the advice of a blog and mixed a scoop of almond butter with some coconut milk and some fruit Cherries in my case. Turns out this was gross. I am unlikely to do this again. Dessert = bad idea. AND Roommate made roasted almonds with cinnamon and olive oil and salt. Which is super tasty and totally edible.

I had oh at least 5-6 mugs of tea today. I am back to normal tea consumption only sans the caffeine.

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