Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 7 - Jn

Had my light set on the timer and didn't realize it. Timer went off at 6 and I woke naturally at 6:45. Love that it works. Don't love that I fully intended to sleep longer. But I am up and accomplishing things. Yay things!

Went to get last minute foods for the feast at Wegs and had a blood sugar crash in the store. Bought a Lara Bar for a quick solution. Started cooking when I got home with a break for a tossed together lunch. I actually saved the beet tops from the beets I was using in another recipe and made those a part of lunch. Pat's self on head.

I did lots and lots and was joined by a roommate and we did lots and lots and then the family showed up and we finished getting everything ready to put stuff in the oven/eat and then suddenly my new family was around the table in my dining room. And I smiled like an idiot for most of the night. The night lived up to every bit the excitement I put in to it and I get to do the same thing next Sunday. Score! We had help cleaning up and then we unwound by talking. Such a good day. And we also completely spaced and forgot to take pictures of the big meal.

No workout- planned. 
Breakfast- LO egg casserole, an orange, 50/50 water/OJ, peppermint tea
Lunch- Tuna with broccoli slaw and beet greens 
Snack- Roasted pumpkin seeds. 
Dinner- Passover Seder with the #6 family! - See below:

1. Seder Plates contain the following items. 
  • Charoset - mixture of apples, walnuts, cinnamon, grape juice and honey 
  • Baytzah - hard boiled egg (We didn't eat this- it was all show)
  • Zeroa - lamb shankbone 
  • Karpas - cilantro
  • Maror - horseradish root
  • Grape juice - (I probably had way too much of this)
2. the Meal (WITHOUT LEAVEN)

Rough Recipe: Lemon Beet Greens
Roughly chop beet greens from 2 beets and saute/steam in olive oil and lemon juice.
(I liked this but I dumped it in the tuna/broccoli slaw because that needed help. It was tasty.)

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