Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 10 - Jn

Hoorah! Got up on time and out of bed on time and by breakfast I was running early. Can humans actually DO that?! Woah. I forgot I had to get fuel but I was at least on time to get my car worked on. And the guy thought I was nuts when I said I was gonna read for 3 hours. He kept suggesting I could connect to the internet. "Dude. This little waiting area here, this is my study hall. I NEED to read like a fiend." And so I did. I brought earplugs. It was the best time I have every spent waiting for car work. And the car runs great! V-Dub Love! And when I got home the world smelled like Mr. Chicken. SOOO much better than the weird smell that accompanies cooking lamb.

Worked out- Planned. Only like 25% begrudging, Went up on weight all around and felt it.
Breakfast: Eggs, more nuked charoset with another apple added. I actually rinsed this stuff in a colander this AM because it was so crazy cinnamony. Also Peppermint tea
Snacks: Cashews, Mac-nuts, Grapes, Carrots. (I breakfast comparatively early and lunch comparatively late- hence many snacks)
Lunch: Leftover lamb kibbles from making broth, the last of the root veggies (trying to clean the fridge out for realz), red chai tea that wasn't particularly flavorful.
Dinner: Mr. Chicken, carrots, broccoli, hot chocolate (unsweetened coconut milk, raw cacao)
Ugh- And I completely ate half a cup of dried apples and apricots mindlessly while talking to a roommate right before bed. :( That was D U M dumb.

And way more water than I normally drink.

M R Chickens
M R not
S A R C M E D B D I's

Rough Recipe: Mr. Chicken

Remove inards and extra neck from chicken. Remove skin and creepy extra fat from chicken. Sprinkle on Paprika, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder and Italian seasoning. Fill chicken cavity with 2 peeled oranges ripped in to rough halves because you are too lazy to peel a pair of onions. Start referring to chicken as Mr. Chicken. Cut some celery sticks and lay them across the bottom of a crockpot. Set Mr. Chicken in on top of celery breast side up. Fill rest of crockpot with half a sack of baby carrots. Set on high for half an hour or so to get things off to the races (optional) then on low for 5ish hours. The oranges will be nasty. Pitch them. The chicken will be amazing. Save every last morsel for eating in future dishes. I saved the carrots and pitched the celery because I think celery is gross. I saved the chicken juices to use in a stew next week. Nom!

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