Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 13 - Jn

So I ate well over half a 1lb bag of kale. I made some for breakfast and made kale chips while I was eating breakfast and then tried one. Then ate half of them. And I snuck more later in the day. Mine aren't even good because the oven is wonky and burnt half but didn't get the other half crispy. I will try again. 

I also found some "healthy" or at least Whole 30 approved reasonably shelf stable snacks at Target today. I know, dried fruit. I know, like candy. I know, I could make it cheaper. But it is nice to have something that will fit in a purse or glove box for just in case. I already knew I loved the applesauce for road trips cause you can eat it while driving. They handed me a packet when I walked in the store so I bought a big box. Thanks for reminding me that I needed more! 

The day was topped off to a trip to the roller derby. Now I very much want to play. I need a job first and health insurance. But it is on my list of things to do before I die. Play roller derby. Very yes.

Mini workout- planned 
Late Breakfast: Fried eggs over Kale with a ridiculous amount of Kale chips
Snacks: Macadamia nuts, box o raisins, Blueberry fruit string thingers, more Kale chips. 
Early Dinner: Chicken on stirfried broccoli slaw
Late snack: Hard boiled egg and some chicken

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