Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 5 - Jn

I slept ok. I woke up in the wee hours and absolutely had to pee or there was gonna be no more rest. But I am feeling better every day. Lets keep this up. No adrenal failure relapse. Ready. GO!

Things to rant about...
- One-A-Day contains soy. Are you even serious? WHY?!?!?!?!?!, I already knew the fish oil capsules I had been taking had soy in them and I swapped those out for the real stuff that requires refrigeration. Lets be thankful that in theory if I am eating REAL FOOD that I won't need a multi any more either. The iron I take has some questionable ingredients but I am gonna keep taking it. I was still anemic on full contact, all go, no quit paleo. I am THAT bad. I need to chew on rusty nails.
- Good Earth tea contains artificial flavors. No freaking way. What about the good part? Why the heck do you need to artificially flavor something if you honestly believe the wonderful herbs that come out of the earth are good.

Things to rave about...
- Looks like all of the food to come in the Passover Seder is fit for Jn consumption. Ok the charoset has honey in it but I am going to eat it anyway. (This works because nothing is leavened....NO BREAD! HA!) Seriously though, I am wicked excited about this meal. It is the first time we will meet as the new family. I am making some whole 30 approved side dish to go with the meal but I haven't figured it out yet.

Work out: Yes! Begrudgingly! But I did it.
Breakfast: Eggs, Strawberries, red chai tea
Snack: artificially flavored crap earth tea and anger
Lunch: Leftover fishes and chards and half a sweet potato
Late Snack: while walking around Home Depot, An apple and a coconut lara bar
Dinner: In a super hurry the last of the chard and some of the chicken and onions all stirred together and consumed with extreme haste.

And I stayed up way to late...but I had fun.

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