Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 2 - Jn

Today was not a great day for reasons unrelated to current food consumption. My back/hip/both is out. This used to be an almost constant problem before I started eating healthier and working out. While this has still happened occasionally in the past year it's been like once a month. I know. That sounds like a lot. I am working on it. At any rate I was moving slow if I was moving at all and stupid clumsy all day.

In theory the plan for the month was to eat what the LT was eating because we are working together on this and it would be easier logistically. 1 day in this is clearly not going to happen.

Planned no workout
Breakfast: Eggs made yesterday. Strawberries. Almost ate a moldy one- yuck. Peppermint tea
Lunch: A few pieces of leftover roto chicken, a coupla handfuls of carrots and some olives. Peppermint Tea
Dinner: Left over burgers topped with sauted mushrooms and my version of the rainbow chard/savory like we made last night. Lemon Ginger Tea.
Snacks: Cashews, An apple.

The LT had leftover burgers and chard for lunch and if all went well a wonderful roast when she got home from work.

Rough Recipe - Citrusy Rainbow Chard
- Heat oil in LARGE pan (cause green leafies start big), I use coconut or olive
- Dump in the whole 1lb sack of Chard (Kale would also be tasty)
- Pour 2 or 3 splooshes of orange juice and coconut milk (or add extra oj)
- Season with black pepper and or garlic or whatever makes you happy
- Steam until the leafies get soft.

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