Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 1 - Jn

I was in charge of the meal on Sunday for my little church family. As a send off for myself in to food never never land we had personal pizzas with a plethora of toppings to choose from. The upshot is I had loads of leftover veggies and ham and Bacon prechopped. Both the ham and Bacon have sugar as an ingredient which is technically against the rules but we conceded to this to not waste food. It's mostly protein and sugar was one of the last ingredients in both.

So I woke up. Worked out. Made scrambled eggs with contraband Bacon and peppermint tea. And eventually went to meet the LT. We had spinach salads with chopped chicken, multicolored peppers and pineapple (I had black olives). Then we meal planned a week and headed to the store. We had a few strawberries and an Orange each with some almonds while we started working on food. We boiled eggs for snacks and prepackaged nuts for lunches and made egg casserole with ham Bacon multi peppers and onions for breakfasts. And then we took a break for a while. Dinner was naked burgers, half a sweet potato and rainbow chard steamed with Orange juice. Colorful and tasty. I had some more chicken when I came home too.

Day 1. Success. Although one of my vitamins was lactose based and I realized too late. Lame.

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