Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 8 -Jn

Tiring day. Woke up before my alarm but stayed in bed too long, worked out, breakfasted, shopping listed, shopped and made food with the LT, dropped her off at UV, surprise picked up GK at the train station, fought with my fridge and freezer for a solid hour to make everything fit, called it a day.

Worked out. Procrastinated for a while but did it eventually.
Breakfast- Last of last weeks eggs, leftover charoset with another apple and a handful of hazelnuts nuked for 2 minutes, peppermint tea that I nursed all day
Snack- Half an orange
Lunch- White meat chicken chunks, Weggies frozen roasted veggies
Dinner- Stuffed Pepper
Snack- Handful of Macadamia nuts and some pepitas
Somewhere in there I had chocolate peppermint roobis tea which is amazing.

Rough Recipe:

I'm thinking Charoset would make a great breakfast accompaniment if the proportions were shifted. Our ratio was 6 apples to 1/4c cinnamon. Cinnamon is supposed to be good against insulin resistance but my tongue kind of tingled after breakfast. But chopped up apple with nuts and cinnamon. Score.

Rough Recipe: Breakfast Casserole 2

Coat baking pan with oil of some type. Slice up 2 zucchini and an onion to dump in. (We should have sauted these but we were lazy and that was a mistake.) Mix in 1/2 a bag of spinach. Slice up 12oz andoulli (sp?) sausage with casings removed and probably 2 handfuls of left over chicken. Mix everything together and pour 24 beaten eggs over mixture. Bake at 350ish for half an hour ish. (Ours was way too liquidy and the top dried out and browned when the insides were still gooey. We had to put it back in. )

Rough Recipe: Stuffed peppers
We made 10.
Wack tops off of peppers and parboil for 2 minutes.  We used 1lb each ground chicken and ground beef-saute. Add Italian style spices and lots of yummy garlic, smoked paprika if you have it. Slice up pepper tops and an onion and saute with most of a bag of frozen broccoli. Once everything is cooked mix in 1 BIG can of tomato paste and some balsamic vinegar/water to get the consistency right so everything is coated but not drippy. Arrange peppers in baking pan and shove goodness in peppers. Bake at 350ish for 20ish minutes until the peppers get browned. Yum.

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