Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 9 - Jn

Not particularly productive today. Did lots of things that did not need to be done but I felt like doing. Not the same as doing what I needed to do. I eventually got around to need to dos when the other things ran out. And I did get the left over lamb shanks and veggie prep scraps simmering in the crock pot to make stock/broth. And I prepped Mr. Chicken for cooking tomorrow.

I want to eat and eat and eat and I would kill someone for a steaming mug of french pressed dark roast coffee. I hope you are happy KC. Grumble grumble...goes to "class"

No workout- planned
Breakfast- Eggs version 2 made yesterday, strawberries, 50/50 OJ
Snack- Handful of cashews and the rest of the pepitas
Lunch- Half a stuffed pepper and some root veggies. Red chai tea
Snack- An apple and some Mac nuts
Dinner- Porkchop smothered in roasted root veggies - trying to clean the fridge out
Peach tea during class

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