Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 16 - Jn

Got stew in the cooker and set up a veggie broth in the other cooker because my bag of veggie scraps was full. And broth from the store is stupid expensive. Seriously. And I must have been wicked distractable in the morning because I forgot to put onion and garlic in the stew. It was a little...bland. It took me a little to figure out what was wrong with it. I added garlic powder and onion powder and that helped.

And I am so looking forward to a chunk of time without evening lectures. Seriously.

No workout-planned
Breakfast: sweet potato sausage with poached eggs (Not a casserole!), 50/50 OJ, Green Rooibos tea
Lunch: LO fish, broccoli cauliflower carrot salad, hard boiled egg, Red Velvet Cake Tea!
Dinner: Stew, 50/50 vegetable juice (yeah I pretty much water ALL juice down), Rooibos Lavender Tea
During class snack: Fake cookie dough...only it was more like chocolate pudding to me

Rough Recipe: Sweet Potato hash with Sausage and eggs
original idea here:
Chop sweet potato into small cubes. Saute for about 10 minutes in coconut oil. Add chopped red and green pepper and chopped up sausage and saute for another about 10 minutes. Poach or fry eggs for on top.

We used 3 massive sweet potatoes, 2 red and 2 green peppers and 2 12oz packs of fully cooked sausage and that made enough for breakfasts for both of us for a week for sure. We are cooking eggs each day so they are fresh. If you were using uncooked sausage you would want to cook it before you add the sweet potatoes and go from there.

Rough Recipe: "Free" Veggie broth
Original idea here:
When you are chopping up veggies for whatever purpose you can save most of the peels and ends and scraps and bits. Think carrot and parsnip ends, carrot and beet peels, onion skins and ends, celery leafies and butts, garlic skins. You want to avoid potato skins and mushrooms and you will obviously want to scrub things well before you start chopping/peeling. Get a gallon sized zipper bag and fill it up while you cut and prep. When you are done stick it in the freezer and pull it out next time. Repeat until it is full. Then dump the contents into a 6qt slow cooker and fill it with water. Maybe add some Italian seasoning and a couple of bay leaves. Cook on low for 9 hours. Strain in to a containers to freeze or use in a few days.

Rough Recipe: Fake cookie dough
Original idea here:
2 scoops almond butter, 1 spoonful raw cacao, 1 spoonful coconut oil, a sprinkle of chopped hazelnuts a pinch of cinnamon and a couple of drops of vanilla. Stir. Eat. Feel spoiled.

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