Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 19 - Jn

Woke up much earlier than usual and worked out. My friend who is currently in Ethiopia was online and Dad called and both of those derailed my schedule but not nearly as bad as last time on either count. I also hennaed my hair. Now I smell like spice cake. Or whole 30 friendly spice muffins :)

I was supposed to make dinner at some friends' house tonight but plans fell through. So I made dinner at my house and made a metric crapton of food. Which is ok because did I mention I am freezing leftovers for finals week so I don't have to cook? Look at me go.

Workout- planned, some feet dragging but not much
Breakfast- Sausage, sweet potato, poached eggs, green rooibos tea
Red chai tea
Lunch- Stew, last of the kale chips, 3 strawberries, Lemon ginger tea
Snack- a few grapes, an apple, some macadamia nuts
Dinner- Chicken apple sweet potato skillet, 50/50 vegetable juice, red tea with lavender
More food- Cashews, dried apples

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